©2016 itv (GB)
DELIVERY: Storyboards and concept art
PUBLISHER: Firaxis Games (USA)
PRODUCTION STUDIO: Plastic Wax (Australia)
NOTES: I was very happy to be asked to contribute art to develop the launch trailer for Sid Meyer’s Civilisation VI. In order to get the camera movement right the actual storyboards went through several iterations so we had to contend with very rough thumbnails due the tight production schedule. It got even more dirty when we moved this into a simple animatic and made changes there. What I’m showing here as well are the much better looking key frames I developed to give the animation dept. a better impression on details and atmosphere. Storyboard artists are often the first step of visualization after the script and we can have an enormous impact on the production influencing not only camera set-up and movement but also design and lighting. Check out the final trailer below. The brilliant team at Plastic Wax made me look good.