Incredible Hulk Rollercoaster

„Hulk: Edit“

PROJECT: Hulk Rollercoaster Ride Cinematics
DELIVERY: Storyboards and key-frame illustrations
STUDIO: Axis Animation (UK)
PRODUCER: Mark Turner
CLIENT: Universal Studios
NOTES: Great collaboration with British Director Jon Yeo, who always knows what he’s doing. He provided me with a lot of environmental screenshots so I had a great basis for my storyboards. We produced 3 videos in total which can be seen if you wait in line at the Incredible Hulk rollercoaster ride at Universal Studios (Orlando, USA). The vimeo link below shows excerpts from all three videos in which everyday people are bombarded with gamma rays and thus (indeed) turn into Hulks. The color key-frames where done to better sell the ideas what these new Hulks would look like in action before the production went to the 3D character artists. Really fun job!